78°N Time Zone

Stylish, casual analog watch face with two digital clocks showning time in 2 different time zones.
There are 5 different versions with different time zones setup in the store.
Search for Time Zone in Galaxy Apps Store or use the links below.

Galaxy Apps store links:
PST (US Pacific Standard Time) and GMT-3 with no DST (Daylight Saving)
GMT/UTC and BRT (Brasilia Time) w/DST (Daylight Saving)
GMT/UTC and PST (Pacific Standard Time)
GMT/UTC and EST (US Eastern time)

New York and London

The time zones are fixed and can not be changed.
However, except for the New York/London version there are several cities from each time zone too choose from by tapping city names.


If you like the watch face and want it to show time for other time zones, please email me.

– Analog clock for local time
– 2 x digital clock, 2 different time zones
– Day indicator + date/month
– Battery status indicator (right side)
– Steps count and steps goal indicator (left side)
– Ambient modes for Gear S3 and Gear S2
– Shortcuts to:
– World clock
– S-Health, steps
– Settings
– Schedule
– Battery status

Tap 6 to change theme.
Tap name of city to change city name.

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