78°N Angry Viking

Say hello to Odin the Viking god and his two ravens Huginn and Muninn!
This is not a happy camper, so make sure you keep him contained in your watch!
Don’t say you weren’t warned…

Galaxy Apps store links
12hr/miles version
24hr/km version

This is a highly customizable digital watch face packed with health info, shortcuts and color options.

Double click the vikings face to change color.

– Digital 12h or 24h clock
– Weekday/Month/Date
– Battery status
– Steps goal status
– Distance in km (24h version) or miles (12h version)
– Heartrate
– Floors (S3 only)
– Moon phase
– Steps count
– App shortcuts
– 9 different colors and styles
– Ambient mode for Gear S3/Sport and S2

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