Camera shutter style (iris) gyro animated digital watchface with lots of color customization options.

Double tap text elements (all except PM/Seconds) to change color.
There are 11 colors for each element (Weekday, date, digital clock, s-health info), and for those who count, that’s 14.641 possible color combinations!

Galaxy Apps store links:
12h version
24h version

– Gyro animated iris shutters
– Battery level indicator (on bezel)
– Steps goal indicator (on bezel)
– Analog clock
– Weekday, date, month
– 24h digital clock
– Steps count
– Moved distance in km
– Kcal burned
– Floors (S3 only)
– Heartrate
– Shortcuts to
– Settings
– Phone
– Music Player
– Weather
– Ambient modes for Gear S3 and S2

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